Securing a mortgage has been known as a lengthy and tiresome process. However, with the internet it’s become easier than ever with this easy loan process.


Mortgage Brokers have taken advantage of this and use websites that allow their clients to upload all the necessary documents from the comfort of their home. For instance, Coastlend Mortgage uses a CPA secure website that is user friendly and secures all private documents that our clients upload. Websites that allow us to present mortgage options that fit our clients best provides a one on one meeting without moving from your couch.

The web allows us to take it a step further with constant updates on the status of your loan. Not only does the client receive emails but so do our agents. Our process guides both parties each step of the way without having to put in much effort.


Programs that are available to mortgage brokers have allowed us to keep our clients and realtors happy. Coastlend understands that you’re busy and tries to make a once drawn-out process into a smooth and easy one. We’d love to guide you home in PJ’s and all! Give us a call at 843-388-5763.