4% rates are here! 9-mortgage-mistakes-to-avoid-apr

Make sure to tell all your buyers they should act quickly before the 4% rates disappear. The passing of the debt ceiling increase has driven rates down over the last few days and we are seeing 4% rates for many qualified buyers. I would be happy to help any buyers get qualified. Also I would be happy to share any information that might help close more transactions for you and your office.

Also keep in mind we have our NO PMI Programs for those who can’t make a large down payment. This will save your buyers a significant amount and allow them to qualify for a higher purchase price.

Did you hear? Charleston is # 2 on the Today Show’s Best Vacation Cities in the U.S. That’s great news for local business and local real estate. Getting national attention in a positive light always leads to a positive impact on the local economy. Recognition like this as well as recent job creation will shore up the housing market and help start a sustained recovery. Charleston is leading the housing recovery.