No closing costs

No Closing Costs for Purchases and Refinances. No one wants to pay high closing costs in order to purchase or refinance a home. That’s why we have our no closing costs loans on all loans $250,000 and up. Loans less than $250,000 will receive lender credits to cover most of the costs. How can we do this? We make our lender pay the closing costs for you using lender credits or rebate.

Another benefit to our creative financing on a purchase is the buyer’s offer is stronger and they are more likely to win a bid because they aren’t asking the seller to pay closing costs. The seller makes more money in this scenario so they are more likely to accept your offer, even if it’s a little less than the competition.

In addition to our No Closing Costs Loans we have our 5% Down and NO PMI loans which result in the lowest possible payment for your new home. To learn more about our 5% Down Loan that has NO PMI click this link: 5% Down with NO PMI