Our 1 time close construction loans make it easier and cheaper for your dream home to become a reality. With an industry best minimum down payment of only 5% we made building a custom dream home available to most buyers. https://vid.us/7hdu2b


  • Save time and money. One closing means only having to cover one set of closing costs.
  • No settling. With new construction, your borrowers really can have the home of their dreams.
  • Only 5% down. A low down payment makes new construction loans accessible for more borrowers.
  • One approval. No need for a second approval.
  • Float down option. Once the loan is complete, borrowers can float down to secure a lower interest rate if the market changes or stay locked in no matter how the market moves.
  • Initial interest-only payments. During the build period, the borrower can enjoy a lower, interest-only payment.
  • Less out-of-pocket expense. The borrower doesn’t have to pay for the build and then get a mortgage. The mortgage pays for the build!