Many predict the Panthers to win the super bowl but, how does their real estate market measure up to the Broncos?

Charlotte, NC home of the Panthers have a median house price of $227,00 in comparison to Denver, CO where the average list price is $474,000. However, in Charlotte homes stay on the market around 88 days. Whereas, homes are on the market for an average of 67 days in Denver. Denver’s homes sell 27 days faster than the national average making it a real estate hot spot.

Due to Denver being a real estate hot spot there are less homes available on the market. Currently 5,141 homes are listed in Denver which can be linked to the high list prices. Similarly, low home prices in Charlotte can be linked to 14,116 homes listed on the market. Nevertheless, these cities have around the same population size.

Charlotte’s homes reflect the classic southern style. The traditional southern style includes white columns, front porches, and triangular gables. These homes average around 2,056 sq. ft. Ranch style homes are more popular in the mountains. These single story 3,022 sq. ft. homes offer more space than the traditional southern style in Charlotte.


Who do you think wins the real estate bowl? The broncos who have the Rocky Mountains with high list prices and a competitive market. Or the Panthers where homes are more affordable and easier to come by. We like to think the Panthers take the bowl due to affordability (plus you have to root for your neighboring state)!