Ladonna Bentley

Ladonna is our head Processor. She has been processing loans for more than a decade and has seen the inside of a loan file more times than she would like to admit. She is detail oriented and extremely organized which are both must have qualities for this position.

She is responsible for making sure your loan moves through our underwriting department smoothly and efficiently so you can close on time. She’s in constant communication with our underwriters, the attorney and title company. There’s a good chance she’ll contact you for additional documents needed to expedite your loan closing. She will be your main point of contact once your loan is submitted and will remain your main point of contact through closing.

Ladonna is married to her husband, Doug, is a mother of 4 and grandmother to 4 as well. She currently resides in Murrell’s Inlet, SC. During her free time she loves spending time at the beach with her family.