Take a look at these mortgage options showing the cost of owning a $275,000 home with our minimum 3.5%  and 5% down loan programs. The payments on all three loans are less than what many people pay for rent. When you’re renting the money just goes to rent and its gone. When you own you can write off the interest on the loan and reduce the amount of taxes you owe at the end of the year. When you factor that in your net mortgage payment is much less. Take a look at these three examples. For full details click here: Best Loan Options


Rent vs Own 12-11-13For those living in Mount Pleasant, Charleston, Summerville, Goose Creek, or other parts of Berkeley, Dorchester, and Charleston Counties, you probably can relate to your rent going up over the last several years. That will continue as the tri County areas continue to grow. Also as Boeing increasing its footprint, the demand for housing will be on the rise.

These factors combined with cheap borrowing costs, because of low interest rates, and low home prices make it a great time to change from renting to owning. Just think, for as little as $7,000 down, you could own a new home that costs $200,000. with only $10,500 you could own a $300,000 home. Coastlend Mortgage will make it easier by paying all your closing costs in most cases. The first step is finding out how much you qualify for, then you can begin your home search with confidence knowing that you’ve been pre approved for a loan amount you can afford. Give Coastlend Mortgage a call today 843-388-5763