pay zero on JumboNo Closing Cost JUMBO Loans. Why pay high closing costs when refinancing your luxury home? Don’t eat into your equity by adding it to the loan amount. Let Coastlend Mortgage pay the closing costs with an interest rate credit. Rates are low and prices are moving higher. It’s time for you to refinance out of the high interest rate loan you currently have so you can save thousands of dollars each year.

We will cover all the lender fees, attorney charges, title insurance, everything. We make it easier than ever to lower your payment and save. For more information contact Eddie O’Neill at Coastlend Mortgage, 843-388-5763 – Or apply now online in minutes by clicking this link – Apply Now

If your Purchasing we only require 10% down on Jumbo loans up to $750,000. Only 15% down on loans up to $1,000,000. Call today to find out more 843-388-5763