The housing market is strong and has been dominated by new construction homes sales. This is great news for the economy but what about for those trying to sell an older home? The data is showing the percentage of older homes sales is in decline. This is troubling news if you’re in the market to sell. How can sellers ensure their home stands out and is sold fast? They can outfit it with smart technology. It may sound unconventional and costly but it usually brings more appeal and may even increase the sale price.


Smart technology has become popular in the housing industry.  Smart technology first started with alarm systems but has now moved up to temperature control and even smart doorbells. If you’re like the most of us, you’re probably asking “what in the world is a smart doorbell and why would someone need that?” Well, a smart doorbell has a security camera that links to your phone. This shows you who’s at your door. There’s also learning thermostats which could especially come in handy in SC. Learning thermostats registers the temperature in the house and automatically adjusts to the temperature that you’re comfortable with. Moreover, learning thermostats adjust based on your time schedule after a week of using it! This is also synced on your phone, so if you need to manually adjust it all you have to do is open the app.

Many would think that smart technology would be expensive and give no real return on investment. However, they’ve become more affordable over the years. A smart doorbell can cost around $100 and a learning thermostat by Nest is $250.


If you’re thinking about going smart here are the basic ones to start with: strong internet connection and Wi-Fi network, smart doorbell, smart door locks, smart climate control, and smart lighting.  All of these smart technological devices will make your older home more attractive and off the market in no time! If you’d like more information about purchasing a home or smart technology give Coastlend Mortgage a call, 843-388-5763.