the end of QE3…I’m not so sure. The government shutdown could keep interest rates low for a while. It’s possible. For 3 or 4 months before the shutdown interest rates were steadily climbing. Why, because the talk around Wall St. was the Fed is going to start tapering Quantitative Easing – QE3. The mere mention of it by the fed sent interest rates soaring almost a full percentage point in only 2 weeks. Everyone in the know believes once the FED starts to reduce their bond buying program (QE3), which artificially has been keeping rates low, rates will rise.  It’s inevitable and it was looking like it was going to be sooner than later.


Fast forward to today. The government shutdown may have extended that inevitable tapering as far out as late 2014 according to some experts. This shutdown is costing the economy End-of-QE160,000 million per day. It’s hitting the stock market hard and could take months if not a year to recover from the negative effects. This could stall the progress our economy was making and would make a case for continued QE. It doesn’t look like the Fed will be tapering any time soon, especially if this shutdown continues for an extended time period.

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