Buying just got a lot eGift funds 2asier. Introducing a revolutionary loan that will help qualify more of your buyers. Our most popular mortgage, 5% down with No PMI, just got a lot better. Now the 5% can be 100% gift funds. Prior to our rollout this week the only low down payment program that would accept 100% gift funds as a down payment was FHA, and FHA is so much more expensive than our 5% down with NO PMI mortgage.

This should help more of your South Carolina buyers, especially first time buyers, qualify for our easy home loan. With Boeing increasing its employment, the demand for low down payment loans will be increasing in the Charleston, Summerville, and other Tri County areas. Often times with the start of a new job or a relocation families may not have the down payment saved, however they may have a parent of other family member willing to help out. This loan is perfect for that. Plus it results in the lowest payment of all conventional and FHA fixed rate loans.

Coastlend Mortgage has the best mortgage loans and best interest rates in Charleston. We have our Home Town Heroes Program which supports first responders including Police, Firefighters, Nurses, EMT and others with discounted closing costs. We also have a similar paid closing costs program for Boeing employees. Our low rate Boeing Mortgage will help all Boeing employees make the transition into owning easier and more affordable than ever before.

Today’s mortgage environment is full of obstacles and you’ll need a professional to guide you through the process so you can successfully and affordable purchase your Charleston area home. Give Coastlend Mortgage a call for a free approval.