first_time_homebuyerFirst time Buyers in Charleston. SC should consider working with Eddie O’Neill at Coastlend Mortgage. Eddie has been working with new home buyers for almost a decade. He is licensed, bonded, and has helped over 750 homeowners over his career.

Coastlend Mortgage offers low down payment loans to make it easier for those starting out to afford their new home in Charleston or the tri county area. Our 5% down program with no PMI is miles ahead of the competition and results in the lowest possible payment when compared to other loan programs. So if you were to buy a $200,000 home, you would only need to have $10,000 to qualify. For a $150,000 home you only need $7500.

In most cases we offer closing cost assistance to make it easier for first time buyers to make the move from renting to owning.  We want first time buyers to start building their wealth through home ownership.

Not only is owning a home the fastest way to build one’s wealth, it’s also a powerful status symbol. When you own a home you have a great sense of accomplishment. You have the “you’ve made it” status and those around you can feel it too. It’s powerful and that’s why it’s always been part of the great American Dream. Are you ready to “make it”?

For first responders in South Carolina like Firefighters, EMT, Police, Nurses, and Veterans we have the low rates and the best loan programs. This is part of our Home Town Heroes program. We pay for your appraisal, offer closing cost assistance and get your loans closed fast. For more information on the Home Town Hero program visit: