According to a recent Gallup poll, 74% of Americans say it is a good time to buy a house, while 24% call it a bad time. That’s a big shift from the crisis years. Many of the positive responders also believe that homes are not overvalued yet. “These more positive views of the housing market may help foster a situation in which home buying activity increases and home values continue to rise over the next year,” the Gallup report says. gallup

Along with the rise in Americans attitudes towards housing is the rise in Arm loans. Especially among higher priced home buyers needing Jumbo mortgages. The benefit of an Arm loan is lower interest rates. Which translates into lower monthly payments.Arm loans However they’re not for everyone. For a full list of available loans click here: Loan Options

Coastlend Mortgage strongly suggests a person review the future plans and make sure they will be refinancing or moving inside the fixed period of their Arm if they are going in this direction. Otherwise it’s not worth the risk. If a buyer knows they’re going to move in 5 years because of work then having a 5 year arm makes sense. They will pay the least amount for their home in those 5 years. However if this is a home they plan on retiring in, then a long term fixed loan is the way to go. 30 Year rates are still near all time lows.