Jumbo 49% DTIQualify More Buyers for High Priced Homes: Jumbo loans are back and we can go as high as 49% on buyer’s debt to income ratios. That’s almost 10% above traditional banks. What does this mean for your clients? You should be able to qualify more because the income requirements just got relaxed. if you had buyers that didn’t qualify because of income, you should go back and revisit them. We may be able to get them the loan they need. Qualify more of your clients with our Jumbo Plus Mortgage and still close inside 30 days.

This is great for self employed buyers too. The biggest disqualifier with self employed is too little income. With our Jumbo loans more can qualify.

The best rates are available on our Big Easy and Big Easy Plus jumbo Loans. Detailed information about our loan products can be found at: Best Rate Loans