No one wants to pay high closing costs in order to purchase or refinance a home. That’s why we have our no closing costs loans on all loans $200,000 and up. Loans less than $200,000 will receive lender credits to cover most of the costs. How can we do this? We make our lender pay the closing costs for you using lender credits or rebate.

closing costs

Take a look at this example using an FHA loan to purchase a home for $250,000. Our buyer qualified for a rate of 3.375% if they pay the full closing costs of about $2500. However by raising the rate only 0.125% to 3.5% we are able to secure a lender credit equal to $2500. That lender credit will go directly to paying all closing costs. The difference in payment is only $17 and allows the buyer to purchase with much less out of pocket money.

Another benefit to our creative financing is now the buyer’s offers are stronger and they are more likely to win a bid because they no longer are asking the seller to pay closing costs and reduce their profit from the sale.. All in all its a win-win for buyer and seller so more offers will be accepted because of it.

Our 3% Down NO PMI Loan is Making Buying Better than Renting

Take a look at this example showing what you can buy using our 3% down NO PMI loan for only $1500/month. We all know someone who is paying $1500 or more in rent. If it’s you or someone you know you must take a look at this example. For the same payment each month you can now purchase a home for $320,000. It shows how in just 10 years a buyer will increase their net worth by more than $279,000 while someone who is renting increases their net worth by zero while making the same payment of $1500 for housing. It’s a no brainer and with our creative financing we have NO Closing Costs Loans to make it easier than ever to get into a new house.

Rates Near Record lows Last Week and are Improving Further

Last week we saw record low rates once again as fears of the Euro crisis and a slowing economy caused another flight to the safe haven of the American bond markets. The United States economy has slowed a little but world investors feel it’s still the least sick out of the bunch and the safest place to have their money. This has a positive effect on mortgage rates. How long it will last no one can say for sure but considering historical interest rates average about 8% and today they are below 3.75% means it’s a great time to buy.