Although condos have the stigma of being glorified apartments, they have much more to offer than many would think. Condominiums offer the same benefits of a single family home plus some.


When buying a house, it is important to think about your lifestyle and living arrangements. If you’re a busy family or person condos offer low maintenance since the outside is usually covered by condo fees. These condos fees usually include; lawn maintenance and much of the repairs are covered. This gives condo owners a stress free life unlike owning a single family that includes a lot of upkeep.

Dependent upon where you’re purchasing, condos can be a better investment. In a vacation town, condominiums may be easier to rent out than a large single family home. Also, the costs of heating and cooling will be much cheaper than a single family home.

Most condo developments offer an arrange of amenities. Some have community clubhouses, pools, gyms, playgrounds, and sport fields. Amenities such as these are more than likely offered in a condo community than a single family one.


Of course purchasing a home comes down to personal preferences but condos should not be written off. Condominiums offer more than single family homes and are usually more affordable. Home buyers can find a condominium with luxury upgrades for a cheaper price than a single family home due to popularity. Want more information on purchasing a condominium, call Coastlend Mortgage at 843-388-5763!