Purchasing your dream home can seem to be a frightening step for those individuals who have either never experienced it before, or have not owned property in a few years. Here at Coastlend Mortgage, we educate our buyers so they can make informed and educated decisions about what loan options are available, what works best for their family and what makes the most sense for them, be it for a purchase or no closing costs refinance.

Own the house of your dreams or refinance your perfect home today!

Purchasing your dream home can seem intimidating. To simplify the process, we offer incentives and  great programs specific to our client!  

First-time home buyer?

Do you not have much money saved up, but looking to purchase your dream home? Are you worried about making that initial down payment that will get you into that home you’ve always wanted? With our new 1% down program, you will only have to pay a 1% down payment!!! We will take care of the other 2%, giving you 3% equity at closing!

Military personnel, first responder, teacher or nurse?

Here at Coastlend Mortgage, we offer a Hometown Hero program that you will love, that provided discounted loans to our local heroes! A few of this program’s highlights are;  NO Application Fee, free approval and credit report, available closing cost credits, NO points loans and more!

Interested in a Jumbo Loan?

We offer various Jumbo loans up to 5 million with as little as 5% down payment!

Ready to purchase a new home?

Owning a home is an investment in your future AND it in most cases, it is CHEAPER than renting!  If you rent the rent is gone every month. When you own a home each payment is paying down the mortgage and building equity in your home. Some look at this as a forced savings account. Either way you see it, your net worth is growing when you own.


At Coastlend Mortgage we believe in community service and community pride.
By working closely with our clients to make sure you get a loan that’s right for you and your family!

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